Mandarin Books For Babies 0 – 12 Month Old

Mandarin Books For Babies 0 – 12 Month Old

Is it too early to baby for books and reading now that he/she does not even reach 1 year old? 

Certainly not. Studies have shown that one slightly more than 1/3 of parents read to their child when the child was less than 1 year old and yet 90% of parents report that their children younger than 2 years are exposed to some form of electronic media (American Academy of Paediatrics, 2011). Admit that, as adults, we know that no matter how tempting and attractive the internet is to us, books and reading are what that’s beneficial.

Many parents out there might not see the purpose in reading to their child at such a young age but do you know that babies actually start learning and absorbing information even before they start talking! Read on to learn more about the benefits of reading to your new-born.

Now, let us go a little in-depth on what kind of book should you pick for your baby.

Graphic & Colors

At this age, babies are still developing on their vision and have extremely short to no attention span. To start them off with a reading material whereby parents will be the one reading to them, choose a book that has big, colorful pictures with little or no text.


Babies are sensitive to sound as well, so other than reading aloud to them, parents can look for books that create sound. It can be books that are with shaking bells, crinkly pages, or comes with audio playing machines.

Material & Texture

Just like hungry little eating monster, everything they hold, off in the mouth it goes! With this, of course, we will want them to put something safe in it. Therefore, look for book material that is preferably organic, non-toxic, and soft. Some of the popular choices are fabric type of cloth and teether book.

Interactive Features

Novelty books that offer interactive features help to grab the infant’s attention. There are all kinds of interactive books available like the flip-flap book, book with holes, reflecting mirror, different texture, or even with tag-along puppets!


They won’t be able to understand that much. Books with only one large object or person a page works exceptionally well. Point to the main subject on the page while naming it slowly and repeatedly.

Last Updated: 6th May 2020


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