My Child Is In Love With Mandarin Book Reading! Here’s What I Do.

My Child Is In Love With Mandarin Book Reading! Here’s What I Do.

In the past, it’s just toys and games. Now we face another stronger rival, the internet. I understand that it is definitely not easy to get your child to enjoy reading a book, not to even mention, a Mandarin one.

Not easy, but not impossible, especially with the personal first-hand tips that we are going to share with you now!

Book of Interest

Let your child decide what he or she wants to read. If your boy enjoys transport, get a book on cars/plane/tractor; if he likes dinosaurs, get him an encyclopedia on those gigantic creatures; if you girl loves magic and princess, there are tons of fairy tales out there!

Reading is not just about academic or preparing for school, it is a beautiful and powerful activity to gain knowledge and fun. Passion is what keeps things going, just like for us as adults.

Add Fun To It

Reading should not be boring, and it especially MUST NOT be for children. Adding fun to reading can be easy and in different ways. Reading does not just occur in the library; you can do reading on a car trip to grandma’s villa or during summer picnic time at the beach.

You can also do a puppet story-telling or a role-play session related to the story.

Reading Together

Regardless of your child’s age, reading a book together is always sweet and beneficial. You can read to your child, do some shared-reading like taking turns to read each page, or even echoed reading whereby your child repeats after you.

What’s even best? Get your child to read it for the whole family! Not only it helps boost your child’s confidence in reading, but it also cultivates strong family bonds!

Golden Quality Time

We like to restrict our children to the time spent on the internet and times they get to eat junk food. Restriction somehow promotes scarcity, the more you restrict something, the more you want it. So hey, then why not try this on reading as well? Instead of forcing your child to read a book for an hour, limit it to just 15 minutes a day. Let children initiate their wish to extend the reading time instead of enforcing it on them.

It might not work for all individuals but it does make a difference for mine. After all, no harm trying right?


You want your child to love reading? Then, you have to love it too. If your little ones never see you holding a book and enjoying it, how will they possibly learn to start and enjoy one? If you are on your phone, glued to YouTube all day, that’s the signal you are releasing to your child – that internet has more fun than reading does.

I really hope these five tips will lend some help in the struggles parent faces and really creates love in Mandarin reading for your child.

Last Updated: 8th May 2020
Image Credit: Unsplash

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